lohbecksDr. Lohbeck Family

The history of the „Dr. Lohbeck Privathotels“ is an intensely personal, dynamic company history. Group founder Dr Lohbeck’s first calling was philosophy. This interest is also the source of the energetic drive which has led him to successfully realise various, widely different ambitions.

Dr Lohbeck is many things: teacher, author, hotelier and investor – see Dr Lohbeck’s personal history. This unusual symbiosis of talents and skills naturally also promotes an unconventional and extremely creative corporate culture.

The „Privathotels Dr. Lohbeck“ are inherently fuelled by the influx of creative energy that is at the root of all of Dr Lohbeck’s diverse business activities. Unparalleled hospitality is provided with respect for heritage and the addition of contemporary comforts. Since time immemorial, hotels have given shelter to travellers. However, the „Privathotels Dr. Lohbeck“ concept extends far beyond merely providing „travellers“ with necessities: It is about being surrounded by exquisite antiques, about cultivated dining in historic locations, about comprehensive service provided with great enjoyment by internationally trained staff.